Minimalist yet impressive - Sudio Tre earphones

Got to try out the chic wireless earphones newly launched by SUDIO, a Swedish lifestyle brand which designs premium earphones. It’s latest TRE earphones truly exudes the minimalist Scandinavian style and I couldn’t help but admire the design when I opened the lovely box it arrived in.

Even the bag and leather case are fetching.

Designed for those with an active lifestyle like myself, it’s even has 3 different-sized wing tips to choose from to ensure that you have a perfect fit while engaged in activities. These babies stay on so well even when I’m out running!

But I don’t just enjoy using it when I’m working out. I love using it even when I’m at my desk or chilling by the poolside and I’m not worried that I can’t hear my kids calling for me because the Tre earphones offer full sound transparency. This means that the user can still hear their surroundings without having to remove the earphones and you won’t get caught off guard even while listening to your favourite tunes or podcasts.


Meridian Facelift at Body Inc.

Nothing beats getting a pampering session done at the end of a long workday. But if it’s one that gives you a face-lifting effect, I think that right about makes it one of the best ways to end the day!

I had the chance to receive this pampering treatment at Body Inc. where we were also introduced to the line of products used and carried by the brand. Within their product line is the Happy Series blended oils which are specially formulated using natural and organic remedies. 
I got to use the Happy Lash blended oil which not only  removes eye makeup effectively, but after using the oil for the past few days I can actually feel how it doesn’t dry my skin like regular makeup remover does, and it nourishes my skin at the same time. What’s even better about this oil that is rich in Vitamin A, E and Omega-3 is how it also promotes lash and eyebrows growth! 

Jacelyn demonstrating the use of the Happy Lash blended oil.

Can’t get enough of this blended oil that’s so good for my lashes and brows.


Water activities FUN at Sentosa Island

Going to Sentosa never gets boring for us and there’s always something new to try whenever we’re there. This time we had the opportunity to get on the rides out at sea with the Super Mable, Airhead (donut), Banana Boat and Stand Up Paddle Boarding. All this happened at Ola Beach Club, just a short walk away from the Beach station carpark.

We started out with the Super Mable which takes up to 3 riders and it felt like we were sitting on a magic sofa that could fly! At certain points during the ride we did fly but it didn’t hurt our bums at all. Only thing we felt was exhilaration!

The minimum age for these activities is 4 so my littlest one who is  just 2 years old wasn’t able to join us on these rides. But she still had a tonne of fun playing in the pool and on the beach when we brought her here again the next day.

There’s always something every member of the family can do here even it means just chilling by the pool or tucking in to the yummy assortment of Hawaiian-inspired food availab…

Forest Adventure revamped and better than ever

When we were given the opportunity to try out the newly revamped Forest Adventure, we jumped at it and it was the perfect activity to do together as we celebrated my second-born’s birthday.

With a 40% expansion to its facility and 69 crossings, what’s most exciting about the revamp is how it now has an intermediary junior course that incorporates an on-going safety harness allowing adventurers to overcome the obstacles without adult supervision. So even my 6 years old got to attempt the crossings all by herself and being right behind her all the way, I could see her enjoyment grow tremendously as her confidence grew obstacle by obstacle. 

We’ll definitely be back soon to try the other courses! Thank you @Forestadventuresg for making it such an amazing experience for our family.

Mass Blindfold Yoga with Trium Fitness

Overflowing with gratitude and respect for everyone who came to join us at Blindfold Yoga this morning, organised by Trium Fitness at Aperia Mall.
Teaching this class has definitely made me more conscious of giving precise and accurate verbal cues such that it guides everyone safely into position. If you’ve never tried to move around while blindfolded before, it can actually be quite scary and disorientating. But once you can get over the fear and trust your guide or those around you, you’ll realize that you’re actually developing your other senses in order to move and overcome obstacles. We start to become so much more in tune with our hearing and special awareness.
The intention in holding this session that involved both the visually impaired and normal sighted individuals was more than just to experience a yoga class together as a community as we flowed through from one pose to the next and held hands on occasion to support one another. But it was mainly to bring awareness, respect a…

The power of Propolis

What is Propolis? And what’s so great about it? If you’re ever down with a cold or having a really bad sore throat, this is one arsenal you’d want to have.
Propolis is produced by bees and they use it to glue the materials of their hives together by mixing beeswax and other secretions of  resins from the buds of conifers and poplar trees. But truly it’s better used not just for the binding of hives but in the the treatment of burns, minor wounds, ulcers, Candida, infections, inflammations and even herpes.  For centuries, people have used Propolis as a remedy for acne, itching, tuberculosis and even cancer. 
The reason why it’s used in this myriad of ailments is because Propolis is a proven antibiotic and antiseptic. It doesn’t just guard the beehive against intruders but is also used to treat unwanted health conditions because of its antomicrobial, antioxidative, anti-ulcer and anti-tumor properties. 
Scientists have found that bee Propolis actually contains over 300 natural compounds, in…

Healthier eating for our children with The Goodness Gang

Wellness isn’t just about being free from illness and disease. Being in optimal health requires us to be committed to a regular exercise regime and make better choices to our daily diet. 
Better put, food really is like medicine and what we consume can either nurture us or cause harm along the way. 
Multiple studies have shown how processed foods and diets high in sugar can even cause mental issues such as depression, anxiety, ADHD and schizophrenia.
With the right education and knowing how to eat healthily, it can make a huge difference to the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing for our children and ourselves.
This month, Giant Singapore with the support of the Health Promotion Board  will be launching the Goodness Gang campaign to educate our little ones about the importance of healthy eating and to reinforce the message that consuming fruits and vegetables can be fun and tasty at the same time.